Good Sunday Ride

I went out Sunday morning to ride around town, go to the farmers market, and coffee shop. This was one of the best rides I’ve had all month.

Part 1:
Riding through campus I saw a zip car parked behind the library. Curious I kept looking as I got closer. It’s not unusual to see one in the area as people visit. As I got closer I noticed the sign in front of it wasn’t an ordinary university sign. Then I saw it! My heart doubled it’s pulse. The parking space and it’s neighbor were designated as zip car parking. Has it really come true? I’ve always said that all I needed was a car share in the area to ditch my car.

After I got home I checked it out and indeed zip is in town. I signed up. I should have my pass next week. The stars are aligning.

Part 2:
We’ll call this the “I’m not crazy part”. A curious couple came up to me interested about the brompton. We talked briefly, but not much. Honestly I wasn’t too friendly, I get a lot of weird looks and get tired of answering questions from uneducated people. The fact that his pants were tucked into his socks and that he knew it was a folder should have alerted me.

Fast forward 20 minutes and I saw the women parked with their cool tandem recumbent and trailer by the bank. I stopped to saw hi and gawk at their bike. Turns out they were a pretty cool couple. They like bikes too and ride most places. I think they still have a car too, but I feel like they don’t use it much.

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