Elie in the Car vs Elie in the Metrofiets

We hadn’t been able to use the Metrofiets much in the recent weeks since we were trying to keep Elie warm and out of the weather to kick the cold/ear infections she has gotten. Now that they seem solidly gone we went back out a bunch this weekend.

What I noticed most was how much more connected we where on the bicycle rather than in the car. On the bicycle I can see her and know immediately if she is happy or not. If she is not I can pick up right away why not. Usually her toy fell in the box to the point she couldn’t reach it. She can also look up at me and instantly know I’m there.

In the car she can’t see me. I can’t see her. There is no connection there. We might as well be in different rooms. If something is bothering her I have to stop and un-belt myself to see what is wrong. There is no way to quickly triage the unhappiness.

I think next year will be the year of the bike. This year we have been limited to trips of about less than 3 miles¬†comfortably. We can and have gone a little farther, but her happiness is touch and go at¬†3 miles. Next year when she can communicate more it will be awesome. I’m really looking forward to it.

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