Practical Accessories @ LBS

This weekend I was determined to replace my 18 year old cycling specific all weather jacket. I was looking for something that fit trim with a shirt plus fleece, simple, packs small and breathes well. Specifically I was looking for something made from Gore Active Shell. Both bike shops had nice performance oriented cold weather gear, but this was won’t keep me dry.

Neither the employee only Gore Store nor both local bike shops had any selection of any all weather cycling specific gear.

The other thing I was looking for was a high end u-lock to replace my aging and failing lock. Neither bike shop stocked those either. 🙁

A plea to the local bike shops out there. Lets get some quality high end utility cycling gear. I’d much rather buy from you than save a little buying from the Internet. The value this brings is that now I’ll order a bunch of stuff, but have to keep sending it back and forth until I find a size that fits. There is value to the LBS, but only if you stock the things we need.

Maybe I spoke too soon.

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