2012… Not such a good year for corybantic.org

I realized today why I didn’t post much this year. I had been really focused on cycling for transportation and living car lite.

The problem is I wasn’t focused on those things this year. Late in 2011 I took a new role that had me traveling a significant bit and then when I was home I worked at home a bunch. This reduced the amount of bicycle commuting I did. My passion didn’t go away; I just wasn’t commuting.

We still only have one car. When I’m home my bicycle is still my primary form of transportation. My weight has gone up and health down since I haven’t been commuting much. I have become and expert on the New York City subway, have come to know the San Francisco bus and other transportation options well too and have am now a super Amtrak commuter; something like the equivalent of a platinum member in Frequent Flyer mile speak.

Now that I’ve come to terms why I’ve been absent this year. I’m going to keep writing and sharing. I feel the need to contribute back to the Internet with what ever I might be able to. Its not much; but its what I have.

Anyway my wife and I have always traveled a lot. In recent years we haven’t traveled much personally as we start our family; but we and now especially myself are frequent travelers with experience all over the US/Europe/Chile/New Zealand. I’m going to create a new category and probably some pages on travel tips. These will mostly center around how to pack lite. Your trips are much more enjoyable if you don’t lug a ton of crap all over the place.

Look for more in the coming weeks. And yes this time I promise there will be more.

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