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Score one for the LBS

This afternoon I converted my single speed 29er karate monkey into a single speed winter commuter. I needed some esoteric parts in order to accomplish this. After many attempts in the past of trying to get non performance parts at … Continue reading

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56 weeks later, a conclusion to my experiment

It has been almost a year and one month since I started this experiment. My hypothesis on September 30th 2010 was that my family could go down to one car with little to no sacrifice. This turned out to be … Continue reading

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Elie in the Car vs Elie in the Metrofiets

We hadn’t been able to use the Metrofiets much in the recent weeks since we were trying to keep Elie warm and out of the weather to kick the cold/ear infections she has gotten. Now that they seem solidly gone … Continue reading

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Pictures of the metrofiets

I’ve had the bike a few days shy of two months. It has seen alot of use in the two months. I’ll write a detailed review within a few weeks. For now please enjoy some pictures and video. Your browser … Continue reading

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The death of an old friend

The city of Newark Delaware suffered the passing of a long time friend in September. The last local hardware store in Newark officially closed early in September. I had¬†personally¬†been using this hardware store since 1997. The owner was friendly. The … Continue reading

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