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The death of an old friend

The city of Newark Delaware suffered the passing of a long time friend in September. The last local hardware store in Newark officially closed early in September. I had¬†personally¬†been using this hardware store since 1997. The owner was friendly. The … Continue reading

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Cost Analysis

I will most likely update this several times. I tried to be fair with the calculations. I actually drove more miles on my car per year than is listed. I didn’t include all those miles because my family isn’t giving … Continue reading

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CFL Comparison

I did a brief comparison of CFL to LED to Incandescent bulbs to try to persuade some co-workers to switch to CFLs. If you have questions about the math or values please let me know. Tweet

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Repeal the Federal gas tax for the summer?

I truly hope they are joking. McCain and Clinton have both come out in recent days saying they will support a temporary repeal of the Federal gas tax. I heard one quote mention something to the effect that the American … Continue reading

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Just got hitched

I tied the knot with Mary Michael on September 29th, 2007. It was an awesome day. I figured I’d write up some notes about what I learned planning and participating in my wedding as well as participating in my sister’s … Continue reading

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