I missed a month -> Driving in Newark, DE

Ok. I missed posting for a month. I was trying to-do at least one post per month. I even had a really important one to post, My Review of One year as car lite.

Anyway that review is coming. Today I happened to drive through Newark in the late afternoon on a Friday. It sucked!!! I am so much faster on my bike. Can’t wait to get back on the bike.

Look back later this weekend for my one year review. 🙂

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Bike Move

Check out this bike move. The one guy has a ball hitch and is towing a utility trailer intended for a car. I think we should do a bike move in Delaware. It would be a cool statement to make in the only “Bike Friendly” city in the state.

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One Month

Its been one month living as a car lite family. For the most part we pretty much (at least I haven’t) noticed it. Only one time would it have been nice to have my old car and that was to get long lumber from Home Depot. I ended up renting their truck for a half hour to haul the stuff home. Problem averted. The only interesting thing about this transaction is that I was required to show them my proof of insurance. This implies that if you didn’t have car with insurance you couldn’t actually rent their truck.

On another note my Metrofiets will finally be shipping from Portland on Monday. The last 6 weeks have been attempting to acquire a part, installing that part, and then working out some kinks. Well all kinks have been worked out. The shipping company assures me the shipment will take 4 days to get here. I’m honestly guessing 6. Here are some pictures of the finished bike.

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Week 1

So far as expected week 1 with just one family car is no big deal.

I’m expecting the metrofiets to ship tomorrow at the earliest, but really Monday or Tuesday.

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A new chapter

The car has been driven away. Travis came to pick it up today. The entire transaction lasted about 15 minutes. Then he drove off.

Now begins life as a car-lite family. We have mostly been living that life since September 30th last year, now it is real.

I am 90% excited and 10% a little frightened. There is no reason I should be? The car has been parked for the better part of 10 months, the battery was dead at one point. The thing is that I always had the false sense of security. “If I needed to I could just jump in”, yet I never needed to.

Honestly I’m really excited. I’m finally living what I believe. Now if only the metrofiets would get here.

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