Benefits checkin

I am coming up on 8 months. Yeah I cheated a few times several weeks ago, but that is only because the temptation existed. I generally feel better now. I am roughly 35 pounds lighter. I have saved just north of $1,200 already. All this savings I put into a savings account for transportation purposes. I can then use this money for bicycle stuff, pub transport, zip car, etc. Remember this savings is just from the reduced insurance, reduced gas (not eliminated because some miles just moved from my car to my wife’s car) and reduced maintenance.

Today the replacement trim parts for the car came in. I’ll be replacing those parts and posting my car for sale this weekend! About time.

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Riding home

One thing I haven’t mentioned is riding home from Wilmington. I’ve been doing this once to twice a week for 6-8 weeks now. In the darker days I find myself going straight down route 4. Not the best route, but there is actually a decent shoulder most of the way.

Once the weather gets nicer I might try a different way. This is a good way for me to burn extra calories. Work has been a bit stressful recently so the junk food intake has gone up.

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Car update

As I mentioned before I needed to jumpstart my car due to the dead battery. The car is now clean inside, out, and waxed. The sensor is replaced. The only thing I’m waiting for now is the replacement trim and touch up paint. Then posting for sale!

I really need to sell this thing. It is too temping to use when its sitting in the driveway with full insurance. It was a rainy week last week and I wasn’t feeling good, so I took the car a bunch. I took the car last week more times than in the last 6 months.

Ironically I probably would have felt better if I had ridden my bike.

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Brompton Race

Unfortunately the power to the rail lines was dead south of Philadelphia that day. So after waiting 30 minutes for the train to move I just made it by car to 30th Street Station for the brompton promenade to West Fairmont park.

The race was pretty awesome. Some day I’ll get around to editing the helmet cam video and post that. I ended up coming in 6th out of 27 male riders. Not to shabby.

A nice ride back to 30th street with my parents for some cold beer and good food.

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Brompton US Race

I’m sitting on the train waiting to goto Philadelphia for the annual brompton race. Should be a fun day.

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